Property Investments

At IG we offer the full range of investment and asset management services.


We are believers in trading profits and property cycles, advising the right time to invest and to dispose of your assets.


We like, and seek out, off market opportunities and undervalued properties in large conurbations. We have a handson asset management style. Our people have marketed and leased more than a million square metres of real estate in all market conditions.


We look for significant disparity between land price and exit values and well managed production processes. We build when vacancies are low and demand is high.



We believe Berlin currently offers extremely attractive long-term opportunities. The city needs an additional 200,000 flats by 2030 and rents are rising fast due to a zero vacancy rate and the low rents that have been historically available. With our partners we plan to build 2,000 residential units in Berlin by 2020. We currently have more than 600 units under way with more in the pipeline; we are actively seeking out further opportunities. Depending on the nature of the opportunity, we typically invest for periods of between one and five years. We believe our development returns will speak for themselves.


We are able to source funding for good ideas and opportunities. This could be a joint venture, equity investment or


plugging a funding gap between equity and debt. We are happy to discuss all the various options with you.


Our funding sources are middle-eastern investor groups and global family offices and private equity houses.