"There will be more people living in cities by the middle of this century, than living on earth today."

United Nations, 2013

A changing property sector

We are seeing a new era in which people are leaving the countryside in large numbers. In the developed world city centres are being repopulated from the suburbs; this is being driven by better jobs and educational opportunities, infrastructure and a richer and more diverse cultural life. We believe this will create a requirement for new and upgraded infrastructure and once in a generation opportunities for the right real estate assets.



At IG we track all the major sectors in the major Northern European markets seeking out attractive real estate investment and lending opportunities.

The challenge

IG believe there will be a dramatic change in the way we look at properties and property values. Metropolitan real estate will see an extraordinary improvement in values driven by demand led rental growth. Professional investors are overweight property in metro-politan areas in anticipation of this despite initial yields being at historic lows.

​Our mission